Serenity aero – peaceful and untroubled flights.

The most important for us is to bring the serenity to our clients during their flights and travel all the way long. 

Be calm, peaceful and free from any stress, we will take care of all necessary organization. 

Our offices

Our Strasbourg’s office is managed by Tatjana Obrazcova, a professional of Marketing and Business Aviation. 

Decades of multicultural experience and knowledge in marketing and business aviation allows to tell almost everything is possible if we want to find a solution:

- Marketing solutions for partners

- Charter sales

- Operations 

- Brokerage

Our Bern’s office is managed by Elena Neumeyer, a professional of Business Aviation since 2002. 

Her deep knowledge of the industry and partner network allows to find solutions to solve any tasks:

- Charter sales

- Operations 

- Aircraft Management 

- Brokerage

Our Riga's office is managed by Guntars Lapins, a professional helicopter pilot, who have flown 9 types, all around the Europe and beyond: from Malta to Norway, from Moscow to Tenerife, from Ireland to Panteleria.

His special domain of expertise:
- Maintenance
- Documentation
- Exclusive helicopter flights around EU and beyond for private owners
- Delivery flights & ferry flights for various purposes 
- Technical inspections of helicopters

Bern office

Bureau de Strasbourg

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Riga office

Charter flights

Your private and professional trips, we will find best solutions for your needs travelling by plane or helicopter. 

Small group, big orchestra or sport team, we have solutions for every size and demands. Whatever are your personal aviation requirements, we will find an aircraft that suits your requirements, every time.

Save your time – reduced formalities and your presence is required only 15 minutes before the take-off. Travel with comfort – choose your departure time, airport and all details of the itinerary.

Charter flight gives you a freedom to choose your destination, your departure time. You can fly to smaller airports, that are not served by commercial aviation. You benefit from total discretion on the ground and during the flight.

You travel with confidence and confidentiality. Experienced crews meet the highest level required, guaranteeing security for you and your guests.



When patient can’t endure the commercial flight, medevac flights is the safest and quickest travel option. We have access to a large range of medevac aircraft: jets turboprops and helicopters, equipped to transport sick and injured.most important for us is to bring the serenity to our clients during their flights and travel all the way long.


We offer dedicated concierge services during your trip: transfers, taxis, events, restaurants and others bookings. Your personal client manager will help you with all necessary.

Aviation consulting

Aircraft or helicopter, our consulting team is there fo you for all questions concerning purchase, sale, management or maintenance. Firns an aircraft you need, find the aircraft you want to find the future owner, you set the task, we find the solution. All you have to do is contact us and ask questions you have to solve.

Empty legs

Empty legs are all private charter flights that fly without passengers on their way to reposition themselves from one airport to another. Thanks to our partner network we may find the necessary flight and help you to save on the price of your private jet flight.